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Full week place(s) for Girls in School Year Groups: Y1 up to Y9

In terms of suitability of younger children - we place all girls together for registration, breaks and lunch etc as well as training and ball mastery activities (mornings). The intention is to host a group big enough so they can compete in a Girls World Cup in the afternoons but if not posssible we will keep them with a friend and place them with appropriate aged players for match play situations.

In terms of suitability of older Girls/teens - If we only have a small group of secondary age girls, they can choose to perform an ˋapprentice coach´ role in the mornings but also get involved in competitive match play during the afternoon session time.


Our aim is to always have female coaching staff leading this group as well.


28th - 31st May (Spring HalfTerm)


One full week at Kickabout Football Camp - Oliver Tambo Rec venue

Hours: daily 9am~3:30pm


Children will need a packed lunch. Alternatively Pavilion Cafe hot lunch can be purchased each morning at sign-in.


*All bookings are non-refundable but transferable within three months of booking date to the following school holiday camp

Girls Group 28th-31st May Spring 2024

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